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Philip Kerr
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose card do Belinsky and Gunther find on the body of the dead dentist?
(a) Major Jesse Breen.
(b) Becker.
(c) Linden.
(d) Max Abs.

2. Who retires to a tiny remote village as punishment?
(a) Rahn.
(b) Vogelmann.
(c) Kindermann.
(d) Weisthor.

3. What does Gunther learn about the company in Pullach?
(a) It is sponsored by Russians.
(b) It is sponsored by Italians.
(c) It is sponsored by Americans.
(d) It is sponsored by Jews.

4. What does Gunther tell the parents of the missing girls?
(a) That he will avenge their deaths.
(b) That he does not like this assignment.
(c) That he found hashish in the mouths of the dead girls.
(d) That he has strict orders to not talk to them.

5. Who does Gunther realize after meeting Weisthor are all conspirators?
(a) Heyrich, Himmler, Dieter, and Urania.
(b) Urania, Dr. Rahn, Vogelmann, and Himmler.
(c) Vogelmann, Rahn, Weisthor, Lange, and Kindermann.
(d) Himmler, Hildegrand, Lorenz, and Becker.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Becker gain release from a Russian POW camp?

2. What does Herr Weisthor reveal about Hildegard's daughter?

3. Where does Belinsky and Gunther place the dead body of the dentist?

4. What does Belinsky ask Gunther to do as a new member of the organization in Pullach?

5. Who is the Russian intelligence officer that comes to Gunther in need of investigative services?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Veronika's doctor and what does Gunther discover in the process?

2. What does Gunther hear after the seance?

3. How did Becker escape from imprisonment during the war and get his assignment with the American company in Pullach?

4. What does Gunther realize about Linden's death from Belinsky and looking at dental records in Dr. Heim's office?

5. What is life like in Berlin as the Cold War begins?

6. Who is Neumann and what does he tell Gunther that helps him in his case?

7. What does Gunther learn at the Berlin Documents Center?

8. When Becker opened one of the packages he was supposed to deliver, what did he find?

9. What does Becker's ex-wife tell Gunther about Becker?

10. Who is Dr. Rahm and why is Gunther disturbed by his involvement in the teenage murder case?

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