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Philip Kerr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Gunther goes to the Drexler residence, what does he discover they have been killed by?
(a) Bullets.
(b) A fire.
(c) Drug overdose.
(d) Poison gas.

2. Where does Lotte work?
(a) Russian camp.
(b) Cassonova Club.
(c) Counter-Intelligence Corps.
(d) SS headquarters.

3. Who is the private investigator hired by the parents?
(a) Reinhard Lange.
(b) Jan Hildegard.
(c) Dr. Rahn.
(d) Rolf Vogelmann.

4. Who used to treat Weistor for mental problems?
(a) Vogelmann.
(b) Himmler.
(c) Dr. Rahn.
(d) Dr. Kindermann.

5. Where does Belinsky and Gunther place the dead body of the dentist?
(a) In the morgue in a suitcase.
(b) In a car that they sink in the lake.
(c) At the organization in Pullach.
(d) Train tracks in the Russian zone.

6. Why does Belinksy follow Gunther?
(a) To find clues to Gunther's guilt.
(b) To locate Lotte and Konig.
(c) To kill John Shields.
(d) To find out the cause of Linden's death.

7. Who is the weakest link in the secret anti-Semitic group?
(a) Reinhard Lange.
(b) Rahn.
(c) Vogelmann.
(d) Weistor.

8. When Gunther finds a file on himself, what is he called in the file?
(a) An ugly fool.
(b) A dangerous man.
(c) A neurotic effeminate.
(d) A bumbling idiot.

9. Who is killed by a hit-and-run driver?
(a) Vogelmann.
(b) Lotte.
(c) Kirsten.
(d) Traudl.

10. Whose funeral will be held in Vienna?
(a) Neumann.
(b) Becker.
(c) Drexler.
(d) Linden.

11. Who is Traudl Braunsteiner?
(a) Becker's girlfriend.
(b) Nazi secretary.
(c) Konig's wife.
(d) Dr. Liebl's patient.

12. Who does Gunther do a background check on that reveals he is in the SS and a fanatical anti-Semite?
(a) Herr Weisthor.
(b) Kurt Hildegard.
(c) Reinhard Lange.
(d) Dr. Rahn.

13. What does Gunther's wife appear to be trading for goods that are hard to come by?
(a) Sexual favors.
(b) Her jewelry.
(c) His documents.
(d) Her hair.

14. What does John Belinsky work for?
(a) Counter-Intelligence Corps.
(b) South German Industries.
(c) SS headquarters.
(d) Russian intelligence group.

15. Who is Becker's contact in Berlin for his assignment?
(a) Konig.
(b) Colonel Poroshin.
(c) Eddy Holl.
(d) Captain Linden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose card do Belinsky and Gunther find on the body of the dead dentist?

2. Who is Lotte?

3. What does Belinsky tell Gunther that the organization in Pullach is suspected to have?

4. Who worked with Belinsky to find former Nazis?

5. What does Gunther learn about the company in Pullach?

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