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Philip Kerr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hans Bock finally reveal to Gunther about the German Strength?
(a) They ordered him and Mutschmann to steal documents.
(b) They are secretly British citizens.
(c) They control the Gestapo.
(d) They are Olympic athletes.

2. What is the shocking discovery that Gunther makes about Pfarr's mistress?
(a) That she had killed Paul and Grete and taken the jewels.
(b) That she was also the mother of Dieter.
(c) That she was actually Grete in disguise.
(d) That she was the wife of Adolph Hitler.

3. What is the story Gunther makes up about jewelry to find out who the thief is?
(a) That it came from the London Tate Museum.
(b) That it is insured for $1 million pounds.
(c) That it belonged to Hitler's grandmother.
(d) That it was was stolen from an Indian princess currently staying at the Adlon Hotel.

4. Where does Gunther and his team visit in search of clues for the serial murders?
(a) Gestapo headquarters.
(b) High end nightclub.
(c) Underground theater.
(d) Pornographic shops and a brothel.

5. Who is Klaus Herring?
(a) Reinhard's boss.
(b) Dr. Kindermann incognito.
(c) A male nurse at Gunther's hospital.
(d) Urania's brother.

6. What happened to women when the Third Reich established itself?
(a) They had to stay at home to raise children.
(b) They became sex symbols.
(c) They were imprisoned in camps.
(d) They became slaves.

7. What or who is Urania?
(a) Reinhard's lover.
(b) A code name for drugs.
(c) A magazine about the occult.
(d) A secret meeting place for Dr. Kindermann and his patients.

8. Who does Gunther learns is behind the ambush?
(a) Dieter.
(b) Mutschmann.
(c) Bock.
(d) Haupthandler.

9. What does Goering tell Gunther about Von Greis?
(a) That he was a thief and arsonist.
(b) That he had a mistress called Eva
(c) That he was squeezing people to keep some information secret.
(d) That he was actually alive and hiding.

10. What was found behind a false panel in Inge's bathroom?
(a) Cocaine.
(b) Drug paraphernalia.
(c) British spy papers.
(d) Nazi propaganda.

11. What is Herring clutching in his fist when he is found dead in his apartment?
(a) A key.
(b) A gold pendant.
(c) A small SS pin.
(d) A piece of paper.

12. When Gunther goes to the burned house, who or what arrives?
(a) A letter for Paul.
(b) Grete's maid.
(c) Six's daughter.
(d) A package for him.

13. Who dies in self-defense at Haupthandler's apartment?
(a) Goering.
(b) Mutschmann.
(c) Haupthandler.
(d) Jeschonnek.

14. Who is on Gunther's team in addition to the forensic experts?
(a) Marlene, Dieter, and Himmler.
(b) Becker, Kindermann, and Urania.
(c) Korsch, Deubel, and Becker.
(d) Streicher, Lange, and Hans.

15. What did the lawyer support that dismayed his father-in-law?
(a) SS.
(b) Bombing.
(c) Drug warlords.
(d) Concentration camps.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the fee that Gunther receives for his work?

2. Who is the party official in Nuremberg that publishes an anti-Semitic magazine showing pictures similar to the murder?

3. Who is waiting in ambush for Gunther?

4. Who is finally released from the prison at the end of March Violets, Chapter 14?

5. Who did Paul love that Six hated?

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