Objects & Places from Berlin Noir

Philip Kerr
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March Violets

This is a term used to describe those Germans who enthusiastically supported the Nazi regime.

The Alex

This is a nickname for the Berlin Police Department.

Museum Island

This is a township on a small island in a river near Berlin, named for the large number of museums on the island.


This is a slang term for prison.

German Strength

This is a ring run by Red Dieter, bent upon obtaining the documents held in the safe of the Pfarr's and stolen when Pfarr and his mistress are murdered


This is a prison in which both Jews and Aryan criminals are housed; Gunther is sent there undercover to befriend Mutschmann and discover documents.


This is the name for the specialized Nazi police who are charged with ferreting out enemies of the Third Reich.


This is the occult magazine published by Reinhard Lange...

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