Berlin Noir Character Descriptions

Philip Kerr
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Bernhard Gunther

This character is a bright and independent private investigator who is successful, opposes the Nazi regime, murders in cold blood the individual who kills a lover, and lives in both Berlin and Vienna.

Hermann Six

This character is a wealthy industrialist who dislikes the Nazi regime's increasing control over work and employs a private investigator to solve the murder of a daughter and son-in-law.

Inge Lorenz

This character is a former reporter who loses the job due to Nazi rules and becomes involved with a private investigator and ultimately dies of an accidental drug overdose.

Reinhard Lange

This individual is self-centered and lives without principle, dabbling in the occult, consorting with Nazis to commit serial murders, and lives off the substantial inheritance from the wealth of Lange Publishing company.

Dr. Kindermann

This character runs a psychiatric clinic outside of Berlin, collaborates with murderous sadists who kill...

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