Berlin Noir Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philip Kerr
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Book I: March Violets, Chapters 1-9

• The Nazi Germany's capital city of Berlin is preparing for the Olympics.

• Bernhard Gunther, a private detective, is worried about losing his secretary, Dagmarr Lehmann.

• A wealthy German industrialist, Doktor Hermann Six, needs Gunther's services as a private investigator.

• Six's daughter Grete and her husband Paul Pfarr are found murdered, their house burned down, and their safe ransacked.

• Six believes that the thief who stole the diamond necklace is also the murderer.

• He hires Gunther to investigate.
• Gunther meets the maid, Frau Schmidt, at the burned house, and she tells him that Paul and Grete fought a lot.

• Paul was a member of the SS Gestapo and loved Hitler.

• Gunther retrieves an SS badge from a Jewish pawn shop.

• He finds out that the couple had sex before they died and that Grete was pregnant.
• Gunther tries to find out who the...

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