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Ian Serraillier
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hrothgar vow to treat Beowulf like after Grendel's defeat?
(a) A king.
(b) A general.
(c) His brother.
(d) His son.

2. What does Hrothgar give Beowulf that is so tough no steel can cleave it?
(a) Shin guards.
(b) A shield.
(c) A suit of armor.
(d) A plated helmet.

3. After Beowulf tells the story of himself and Breca, what does he call Unferth?
(a) A truthful storyteller.
(b) An idiot.
(c) A coward.
(d) A brave man.

4. How does Grendel enter the hall?
(a) By quietly opening the door.
(b) Through the roof.
(c) By sneaking quietly through the window.
(d) By ripping the door off.

5. Who do the Danes honor the one man in Beowulf's party who was killed by Grendel?
(a) With a poem in his honor.
(b) With a song by the minstrel.
(c) By re-naming the hall after him.
(d) They do not honor him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What towered "high to reach heaven" and "strong to withstand the buffet of war?"

2. Who stays awake waiting for Grendel while the other warriors sleep in the hall?

3. How many horses does Hrothgar give Beowulf and his men?

4. According to Beowulf, in the story of his swimming competition with Breca, who cried out for help?

5. Where does Beowulf say he and his men are from?

Short Essay Questions

1. What item lights Beowulf's way as he dives through the Grendel lake?

2. Where was the "tremendous sword" forged and who forged it?

3. How does Beowulf feel about his dying to defeat the dragon and win the treasure for his people?

4. Why is Beowulf scarcely able to breathe as he fights the dragon?

5. Once the Queen leaves Heorot, where do the Danes go?

6. Why does Beowulf say he needs his mailcoat and shield to fight the dragon?

7. Who does the dragon live in a burial mound?

8. How does Beowulf kill the dragon?

9. What happens when Beowulf strikes the dragon with his sword?

10. What does Grendel look like?

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