Objects & Places from Beowulf the Warrior

Ian Serraillier
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Denmark - This is the country the hero travels to in order to defeat a monster and form an alliance with his homeland.

Geatland - This is the homeland of the hero.

Gold Rings - These items are gifts the king often gives to his warriors.

Heorot - This is the mead hall of the King of Denmark where festive gatherings take place.

The Moor - This is the wolf-ridden land over which the hero must travel to get to the lair of his second foe.

The Lake of Fire - This place lies over the lair of the second foe and is inhabited by deadly serpents.

Hrunting - This is the sword the hero receives from the King of Denmark.

Grendel's Mother's Lair - This is the place where the hero's second foe lives.

The Dragon's Burial Mound - This place is surrounded by huge...

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