Beowulf the Warrior Character Descriptions

Ian Serraillier
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Beowulf - This character is the hero of the story who defeats three foes.

Wulfgar - This character is a herald and is the first to spot the hero as he arrives in Denmark.

Grendel - This character is a twelve-foot tall monster and the first of the hero's foes.

Hrothgar - This person is the King of Denmark who has been unable to defend his people from a horrible monster for many years.

Queen Wealhtheow - This person wears a beautiful gown with a long, black, sparkly train.

Unferth - This warrior is skeptical of the feats the hero accomplished as a young person and is the person to whom the hero wills a sword.

Grendel's Mother - This character is the second of the hero's foes.

Aeschere - This character is a friend and counselor of the King of Denmark and is killed by...

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