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Walter Isaacson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who took over Benjamin Franklin's duty as clerk for the assembly?
(a) His son William.
(b) His friend Hume.
(c) His opponent.
(d) His grandson Temple.

2. Who did the Paxton Boys kill?
(a) 12 unarmed Indians.
(b) 4 unarmed Indians.
(c) 9 unarmed Indians.
(d) 6 unarmed Indians.

3. Who was Benjamin Franklin's favorite sibling?
(a) His younger sister Jane.
(b) His younger brother Thomas.
(c) His younger sister Anne.
(d) His younger brother Joseph.

4. What was Benjamin Franklin's father's name?
(a) Josiah.
(b) Benjamin.
(c) William.
(d) Jeremiah.

5. What did Benjamin Franklin use to attract lightning away from villages?
(a) A key.
(b) A rod.
(c) A wood post.
(d) A rubber mat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who fathered an illegitimate child in 1760?

2. What does "Chapter Five" say was sweeping through the colonies at the time of Benjamin Franklin's invitation to join the Freemasons?

3. Where did John Rogers disappear?

4. Who formed the Junto?

5. What did Benjamin Franklin's concern over national identity foreshadow?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Franklin typify the American ideal, according to "Chapter One"?

2. Why couldn't Deborah and Franklin marry?

3. What was lightning considered prior to Franklin's work?

4. What were Franklin's goals, according to "Chapter Ten?"

5. What method did Franklin adopt for his arguments and why?

6. What was James' the first to fight for?

7. What did Franklin open, in "Chapter Seven"?

8. What were the Paxton Boys?

9. What was Franklin invited to join in December 1730?

10. What did Franklin write on his voyage, and why was it significant?

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