Benjamin Franklin: An American Life Character Descriptions

Walter Isaacson
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Benjamin Franklin

This person excelled as an apprentice and printer, did not believe in romanticism, and helped shape America with his pragmatism, tolerance, and ability to compromise.

William Franklin

This illegitimate child assisted in kite experiments, but had no desire to champion the middle class as he wanted to become part of London's elite.

Deborah Read Franklin

This Philadelphian married an unreliable man who fled to the West Indies and entered into a common law marriage.

[William] Temple Franklin

This person spent much of childhood with a secret foster family in London and was used as a pawn during the Revolution.

[Sarah] Sally Franklin

This person learned skills useful for household accounting and organizing and preferred the comforts of home to traveling.

[Benjamin] Benny Franklin Bache

This person attended school in Paris in 1776 and became a printer.

Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger Franklin

These people, who worked as...

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