Benjamin Franklin: An American Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Walter Isaacson
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Chapter One and Chapter Two

• In "Chapter One" and "Chapter Two," Benjamin Franklin was a printer, inventor, statesman, and politician, but always sought to work through the "middling people."

• Benjamin Franklin carefully crafted a public persona.
• Benjamin Franklin tried to link civic and public virtues.

• Benjamin Franklin was born in January 17, 1706.

• Benjamin Franklin's favorite sibling was his younger sister Jane.

• Benjamin Franklin went to Latin school at 8, then writing and arithmetic school and apprenticed with his older brother James at 10 as a printer.
• Benjamin Franklin created the character Silence Dogood.

• James, Franklin's brother, was arrested for his political views.

Chapter Three and Chapter Four

• In "Chapter Three" and "Chapter Four," Benjamin Franklin met William Bradford who recommended him to the printer Samuel Keimer in Philadelphia.

• Governor William Keith offered to help Franklin get his own printing shop.

• Benjamin Franklin went to London to get some fonts for the...

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