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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Paul D work?

2. Who does Baby Suggs hope to see?

3. What type of alcohol is Paul D drinking?

4. What did Baby Suggs turn the outside kitchen into?

5. What war did Denver's brother leave to fight in?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Morrison use stream of consciousness in this chapter to express Sethe's thoughts?

2. Why do you think Halle smears butter over his face?

3. In chapter twenty-two what do you think Beloved's story is about?

4. Why does Stamp Paid show Paul D the article about Sethe?

5. Is Paul D in denial that it is Sethe in the photograph?

6. What dose Sethe mean when she says "Me, me"?

7. Why do you think think that the slaves take names such as Baby Suggs?

8. Why does Morrison say loneliness can be dealt with by rocking in a fetal position?

9. Why do Sethe and Denver need Beloved to be theirs?

10. What does Denver stepping out of the house signify?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the character of Baby Suggs.

1) What is her importance to Sethe?

2) Why do some people not like her?

Essay Topic 2

In this novel, Morrison uses the stream of consciousness technique twice, once with Sethe and in the next chapter with Denver.

1) How do you think stream of consciousness works to express a character's thoughts?

2) Why do you think Morrison uses stream of consciousness with these two characters?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how a black person was seen during the nineteenth century

1) Before the abolition of slavery

2) Immediately after the abolition of slavery.

3) How long has it taken for white people's negative views of black people to change? How much has it changed?

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