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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Stamp Paid hear around the house?
(a) Sheep
(b) A swirling wind
(c) Laughter
(d) Strange voices

2. Where does Beloved's face occasionally appear?
(a) In a photograph
(b) In the newspaper
(c) In the sky
(d) In the river

3. Whose face is that Beloved thinks she has lost?
(a) Baby Suggs's
(b) Beloved's
(c) Denver's
(d) Sethe's

4. Why does the man chastise Paul D?
(a) Because he looks miserable
(b) Because he does not have a job
(c) Because he is drinking in front of the church
(d) Because he is a black man in a white neighborhood

5. Where does the Sheriff and his friends find Sethe?
(a) In Baby Suggs' bedroom
(b) In the woodshed
(c) In the barn
(d) In the cold house

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Baby Suggs hope to see?

2. What has Sethe spent all her savings on?

3. Why does Sethe think she does not have to explain anything to Beloved?

4. Who arrives at 124 at the beginning of the chapter?

5. How did Mr. Garner die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Morrison use stream of consciousness in this chapter to express Sethe's thoughts?

2. Why do you think Sixo yells out "Seven-O, Seven-O"?

3. In chapter twenty-two what do you think Beloved's story is about?

4. Why does Morrison say loneliness can be dealt with by rocking in a fetal position?

5. What does Paul D and Paid Stamp's gallow humor signify?

6. What do you think the single, unbroken paragraph in chapter twenty signifies?

7. What dose Sethe mean when she says "Me, me"?

8. Why do you think Denver does not want to hear Sethe's stories?

9. What does the red ribbon Stamp carries around symbolize?

10. Why do Sethe and Denver need Beloved to be theirs?

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