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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Paul D think he is not really a man?
(a) He finds other men attractive
(b) He has always had a high voice
(c) He can't perform in bed
(d) Because a young girl has had her way with him

2. Where did Halle and Sethe used to have sex after they were married?
(a) In Mr. and Mrs. Garners bedroom.
(b) In a tree
(c) In a barn
(d) In a cow shed

3. How does Sethe react to Denver asking Paul D how long he is going to stay?
(a) She cries
(b) She laughs
(c) She screams
(d) She is offended

4. What does Paul presume Beloved is?
(a) An escaped slave
(b) A mental patient
(c) A prophet
(d) A ghost

5. Why is Sethe angry at Paul D?
(a) Because she needs someone to be angry at.
(b) Because he did not say anything to help Halle.
(c) Because she thinks Paul D is lying.
(d) Because he did not tell Sethe about Halle sooner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paul notice about Beloved?

2. What does Sethe remember Baby Suggs telling her?

3. Where does Paul sleep after when he is tired of sleeping on a chair?

4. Who does Baby Suggs claim is the only bad luck in the world?

5. Why does Denver miss her baby sister?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Denver ask Beloved if she saw Jesus?

2. How is it significant to the story that Sethe was not thrown into the sea unlike the other babies?

3. What do you think the white dress Denver sees signifies?

4. Why do you think Paul D says it is a bad idea for an ex-slave to love his children so much?

5. Why does Paul question his manhood?

6. Why do you think Paul D keeps on saying "red heart"?

7. Why does Amy consider her self as low in the social scale as slaves when she is white?

8. What do you think Baby Suggs meant by giving up the war?

9. Why do you think the town is so angry at Sethe?

10. How is it significant that Denver's story comes alive?

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