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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sethe telling Paul D at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Why she killed her child
(b) That she did not kill her child
(c) That she loves Paul D
(d) That the photo in the article was not of her

2. What can Stamp Paid hear around the house?
(a) Sheep
(b) Strange voices
(c) Laughter
(d) A swirling wind

3. Why are Sethe and Beloved trying to gather strength?
(a) To make a dolls house
(b) To go outside
(c) To have fun
(d) To fight each other

4. Why are the people who went to the party so upset?
(a) Sethe is not a nice person
(b) The pies were awful
(c) They were sent home too early
(d) Because they had fun at Baby Suggs's house

5. What has Sethe spent all her savings on?
(a) Diamond earrings for Beloved
(b) A wedding dress
(c) Party cakes
(d) Bits of ribbon and clothes for Beloved

6. Where does the man on the horse say Judy lives?
(a) Wood Street
(b) Plank Rd.
(c) Blues Row
(d) Bluestone Rd.

7. Why does Stamp have trouble knocking at Sethe's door?
(a) Because he never has to knock at anyone else's door
(b) Because he thinks Sethe is asleep
(c) Because he is nervous
(d) Because he has broken his knocking hand

8. What does Stamp Paid show Paul D?
(a) A photo of his wife
(b) A letter from his children
(c) A newspaper clipping about Sethe
(d) His scars

9. Why did Sethe get fired?
(a) She was consistently late
(b) She stopped going into work
(c) She threw a plate at a customer
(d) She did not smile

10. Where does Beloved's face occasionally appear?
(a) In the river
(b) In the sky
(c) In the newspaper
(d) In a photograph

11. What happened to Beloved when Sethe became thinner?
(a) She started to resemble Sethe
(b) She became nasty
(c) She grew bigger and bigger
(d) She started acting like a baby

12. When do the footprints disappear?
(a) When they begin forgetting
(b) When it rains
(c) When it snows
(d) When people step in them

13. Why did Paul D leave the Union army?
(a) They would not give blackmen rifles
(b) He did nothing but cook and polish shoes
(c) They tried to hang him
(d) They tortured blackmen

14. What does Sethe tell Paul in the end?
(a) That she loved her babies too much to allow them to live in such a world
(b) That she was afraid the white people would kill her babies
(c) That she tried to take her babies somewhere safe
(d) That she couldn't afford to keep her babies

15. How does Toni Morrison say people can cope with loneliness?
(a) By socializing
(b) By talking to oneself
(c) By living in the city
(d) By rocking in the fetal position

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sethe think she does not have to explain anything to Beloved?

2. How does Sethe try to kill Denver?

3. What has Sethe done to her baby?

4. Why does Paul D say Sethe has two legs?

5. How does the chapter begin?

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