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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beloved say came to mix the men with the women?
(a) A hurricaine
(b) A storm
(c) A tornado
(d) A group of slave hunters

2. What does Paul D wonder aloud?
(a) If there was any other way
(b) If Sethe is crazy
(c) If Beloved is her dead daughter
(d) If Sethe really loved her children

3. What is Beloved doing when the rain falls?
(a) Climbing onto a roof
(b) Standing on a bridge
(c) Laughing
(d) Running

4. Who does Baby Suggs hope to see?
(a) Sixo
(b) Sethe
(c) Paul D
(d) Halle

5. What does Denver say she drank from Sethe's nipple?
(a) Water
(b) Beloved's blood
(c) Honey
(d) Milk

6. Who comes back to 124 at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) The Sheriff
(b) Paul D
(c) Baby Suggs
(d) Stamp Paid

7. What war did Denver's brother leave to fight in?
(a) World War One
(b) The American Revolution
(c) The Boers War
(d) The Civil War

8. Who was the woman that Beloved saw putting leaves in a basket?
(a) Baby Suggs
(b) Sethe
(c) Denver
(d) Janey

9. Who does Denver believe is coming to see her?
(a) The schoolteacher
(b) Baby Suggs
(c) Halle
(d) Mrs. Garner

10. Who does Paul D say has offered him a place to stay?
(a) The church minister
(b) Beloved
(c) The slaughterhouse owner
(d) Janey

11. Why did Sethe get fired?
(a) She stopped going into work
(b) She did not smile
(c) She threw a plate at a customer
(d) She was consistently late

12. Whose face is that Beloved thinks she has lost?
(a) Sethe's
(b) Baby Suggs's
(c) Denver's
(d) Beloved's

13. Why does the man chastise Paul D?
(a) Because he is drinking in front of the church
(b) Because he looks miserable
(c) Because he does not have a job
(d) Because he is a black man in a white neighborhood

14. What does Sethe tell Beloved she did with the men without skin?
(a) Laughed at them
(b) Tortured them
(c) Ran them off
(d) Killed them

15. In what style is this chapter written?
(a) Second person
(b) Self reflexive
(c) Epistolary
(d) Stream of consciousness

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Paul say badly abused the slaves at Sweet Home?

2. Who does Paul D say had all the good ideas?

3. What does Paul D tell Stamp Paid he does not want to see anymore of?

4. What does Stamp Paid show Paul D?

5. Why does Morrison say Sethe, Denver, and Paul D forget Beloved?

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