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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happen after Paul D has spent 86 days at the camp?
(a) He kills one of the guards
(b) It beins to snow
(c) It begins to rain
(d) He falls deathly ill

2. Why does Paul D think he is not really a man?
(a) He has always had a high voice
(b) He finds other men attractive
(c) Because a young girl has had her way with him
(d) He can't perform in bed

3. What is Beloved doing for Denver upstairs?
(a) Dancing
(b) Telling ghost stories
(c) Trying on clothes
(d) Showing her her scars

4. What did the Garners pride themselves in doing?
(a) Paying their slaves
(b) Making their slaves into men
(c) Allowing their slaves into town
(d) Allowing their slaves to marry

5. Where does Beloved work?
(a) A bar
(b) A factory
(c) A restaurant
(d) A cafe

6. What does Denver decide not to tell her mother?
(a) Beloved is a murderer
(b) Beloved is trying to kill Paul
(c) Beloved's visits to Paul D in the coldhouse
(d) Beloved is a ghost

7. Why does Sethe remember Howard?
(a) He had a beaming smile.
(b) He had an oddly shaped head.
(c) He had big cow like eyes.
(d) He had a huge nose.

8. What happened to Sethe's mother?
(a) She was hung
(b) She married a slave owner
(c) She was imprisoned
(d) She ran away back to her homeland

9. Where does Paul sleep at first?
(a) Under Sethe's bed
(b) On a chair
(c) On the floor
(d) In the bath tub

10. What does Beloved ask Sethe about?
(a) Her scar
(b) Her diamond earrings
(c) Her gold necklace
(d) Her wedding dress

11. What does Beloved do while sitting in the kitchen with Denver?
(a) She removes her hair
(b) She takes out an eye
(c) She pulls out a tooth
(d) She pulls off a finger nail

12. Where does the woman come out from?
(a) The woods
(b) The water
(c) The ground
(d) A hole in the sky

13. Who pierced Sethe's ears?
(a) Sethe
(b) Denver
(c) Halle
(d) Baby Suggs

14. Why did Halle break down?
(a) He saw Sethe being raped in the barn.
(b) He saw Sethe trying to kill their children.
(c) He saw Sethe being beaten.
(d) He saw Sethe caressing a white boy.

15. What is the name of the plantation where Paul D and Sethe first met?
(a) Peace and Understanding
(b) Sweet Home
(c) All You Need
(d) Home Comfort

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the address of Sethe's house?

2. In what way does Sethe say Halle mistreated her?

3. Where does Paul D take Sethe and Denver?

4. What did Halle smear on his face?

5. What does Beloved ask Denver about?

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