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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Sethe's daughter?
(a) Denver
(b) Beloved
(c) Baby Suggs
(d) Ohio

2. Where does Paul D take Sethe and Denver?
(a) To the cinema
(b) To the theatre
(c) To a carnival
(d) To a fun fair

3. Why does Mrs. Garner laugh at Sethe for wanting a wedding?
(a) Sethe does not have the money for a wedding.
(b) Slaves are banned from having weddings.
(c) She thinks Sethe is too unattractive to ever find husband.
(d) She thinks slaves do not have human desires such as wanting a wedding.

4. How many of Baby Suggs' sons died?
(a) Eight
(b) Nine
(c) Four
(d) Five

5. Where do the guards lock Paul D and the other men at night?
(a) In coffins
(b) In wooden boxes
(c) In a prison cell
(d) In toilet cubicles

6. What does Paul notice about Beloved?
(a) She is a ghost
(b) That she desires for someone in the house
(c) She has no toes
(d) She does not remember her past

7. How many of Baby Suggs' sons ran away?
(a) Four
(b) Eight
(c) Five
(d) Ten

8. Why could Paul not help his friend?
(a) He was being beaten at the time.
(b) He was wearing a bit in his mouth.
(c) He was not there.
(d) He was chained up.

9. What does Paul D manage to do while he is at the carnival?
(a) Find a job
(b) Secure a loan
(c) Make a few contacts for possible jobs
(d) Steal some money

10. How far does Paul D say that Sixo would walk to meet a woman?
(a) 5 miles
(b) 100 miles
(c) 34 miles
(d) 10 miles

11. What does Beloved ask Paul D?
(a) To have sex with her
(b) To kill Sethe
(c) To make her laugh
(d) To leave the house

12. How did the men on the plantation sate their sexual appetite?
(a) They had sex with sheep.
(b) They had sex with each other.
(c) They visited prostitutes.
(d) They had sex with calves.

13. What does Denver say she saw holding Sethe?
(a) A white dress
(b) A ghost
(c) A Spirit
(d) A black dress

14. Where did Baby Suggs go to preach?
(a) A clearing
(b) A church
(c) A friend's house
(d) A barn

15. Why are Denver and Sethe so surprised that the woman is called Beloved?
(a) Because it is a white person's name
(b) Because they did not think Beloved was a real name
(c) Because it was Sethe's name when she was at the plantation
(d) Because it is the name of Sethe's dead daughter

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Beloved ask Denver about?

2. What does Sethe say Paul D is not allowed to do?

3. What happens as Denver tells the story of her birth?

4. Who pierced Sethe's ears?

5. What is the name of the plantation where Paul D and Sethe first met?

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