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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Denver miss her baby sister?
(a) She has no one to tease.
(b) She took pride in the way people feared her house.
(c) She has no one to play with.
(d) She has no one to talk to.

2. Why does Paul D think Sethe's scar does not look like a tree?
(a) Because it does not have any leaves
(b) Because trees blow in the wind
(c) Because trees are not red
(d) Because trees are inviting

3. What does Sethe remember Baby Suggs telling her?
(a) To have children
(b) To move back to her homeland
(c) To give up the war
(d) To get married

4. What does Paul notice about Beloved?
(a) She is a ghost
(b) That she desires for someone in the house
(c) She has no toes
(d) She does not remember her past

5. What happen after Paul D has spent 86 days at the camp?
(a) He falls deathly ill
(b) It begins to rain
(c) It beins to snow
(d) He kills one of the guards

6. What is the name of the plantation where Paul D and Sethe first met?
(a) Home Comfort
(b) Sweet Home
(c) All You Need
(d) Peace and Understanding

7. What did Denver used to hide from?
(a) Her brother's fear
(b) Her mother's nagging
(c) Her slave owner's wrath
(d) Her stepfather's abuse

8. What did Baby Suggs do for a living when Sethe arrived at 124?
(a) She was a preacher
(b) She played golf
(c) She was a house servant
(d) She was a cook

9. What does Paul presume Beloved is?
(a) A mental patient
(b) A ghost
(c) A prophet
(d) An escaped slave

10. Why was Paul D imprisoned?
(a) For swearing at his slave owner
(b) For trying to kill a man called Brandyman
(c) For having sex with a white woman
(d) For killing cattle

11. How does Sethe react to Denver asking Paul D how long he is going to stay?
(a) She screams
(b) She laughs
(c) She is offended
(d) She cries

12. What did Denver used to play in her hiding place?
(a) Nurses
(b) House
(c) Wife
(d) Mother

13. How many of Baby Suggs' sons ran away?
(a) Ten
(b) Five
(c) Four
(d) Eight

14. What does Sethe feed outside the back of her workplace?
(a) Dogs
(b) Cats
(c) Birds
(d) Children

15. What did the schoolteacher tell Mr. Garner's slaves?
(a) That they were free
(b) That they were tigers
(c) That they may as well be dead
(d) That they weren't men

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paul D decide to tell Sethe?

2. Who is Beloved fascinated by?

3. What is the address of Sethe's house?

4. What does Denver decide not to tell her mother?

5. What does Beloved do while sitting in the kitchen with Denver?

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