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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sethe say Paul D is not allowed to do?
(a) Cook
(b) Enter her bedroom
(c) Yell or punish her daughter
(d) Sleep in the house

2. Who does Sethe think Beloved hates?
(a) Her
(b) Baby Suggs
(c) Paul D
(d) Denver

3. Who does Sethe think about after she has sex with Paul D?
(a) Mr. Garner
(b) Sixo
(c) Denver
(d) Halle

4. Whose body does Stamp say he had to carry out of 124?
(a) The schoolteacher's nephew's
(b) Baby Suggs
(c) Beloved
(d) Halle's

5. What is the name of the man that Sethe chose to marry?
(a) Paul F
(b) Halle
(c) Paul A
(d) Sixo

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amy make Sethe the morning after the birth?

2. What does Sethe remember Baby Suggs telling her?

3. Why does Stamp feel guilty?

4. Who arrives to take Sethe back to Sweethome?

5. Who is Beloved fascinated by?

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