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Chapter 1

1. What is the address of Sethe's house?
(a) 124 Orangeskies Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio
(b) 124 Bluemoon Rd, Charlottesville, Ohio
(c) 135 Rhode Way, Cincinnati, Ohio
(d) 124 Bluestone Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio

2. What is the name of Sethe's mother in-law?
(a) Mrs. Garner
(b) Baby Suggs
(c) Beloved
(d) Denver

3. What is the name of Sethe's daughter?
(a) Denver
(b) Baby Suggs
(c) Ohio
(d) Beloved

4. How long did the man say he would spend chiseling Sethe's daughters gravestone until he would charge for it?
(a) One hour
(b) Five minutes
(c) Ten minutes
(d) Twenty minutes

5. How many of Baby Suggs' sons died?
(a) Eight
(b) Four
(c) Nine
(d) Five

6. How many of Baby Suggs' sons ran away?
(a) Five
(b) Ten
(c) Four
(d) Eight

7. Why does Sethe remember Howard?
(a) He had a beaming smile.
(b) He had big cow like eyes.
(c) He had an oddly shaped head.
(d) He had a huge nose.

8. How long is it since Paul D and Sethe last saw each other?
(a) 18 years
(b) 2 years
(c) 5 years
(d) 20 years

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