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Lesson 1

Objective: Toni Morrison is an African American who has been writing since the 1960s. The objective of this lesson is to introduce Toni Morrison as an African American writer.

1) With the students, brainstorm what they already know about Toni Morrison. What kind of writer is she? What books has she written? Divide the students into pairs and ask them to research Toni Morrison's life and write her biography. End the lesson by comparing the student's work.
2) Brainstorm with the students any other books they know by Toni Morrison. Do they know what they are about? Divide the students into pairs and assign them each a book to research. Ask them to look at the story, the characters, and themes. On their return, discuss if the books share similar themes and similar characters. What do they expect Beloved to be about?

Lesson 2

Objective: Toni Morrison is one of...

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