Beloved Character Descriptions

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She returns from the dead and tries to rekindle a relationship with her mother.

Edward Bodwin

He fought to free the slaves and provided Baby Suggs with somewhere to live.

Miss Bodwin

She is described as "the white woman who loved Baby Suggs".


Along with his brother he fears his mother and end up running away to fight in the Civil War.

Paul D

His presence in Sethe's house after eighteen years triggers Beloved's appearance.


She dislikes Paul D and wants nothing more than for her own father to return home.

Amy Denver

See Whitegirl.


She claims she has "been beaten every way but down."

Mr. Garner

He values the opinions of his slaves and made their lives tolerable until he took ill.

Mrs. Lillian Garner

A brain tumor in her throat prevented her from helping her slaves to overcome the overt racism of...

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