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Chapter 1

• Paul D arrives at Sethe's home. They have not seen each other for eighteen years.

• Sethe's daughter Denver is jealous because Paul D is taking Sethe's attention away from her.
• Sethe tells Paul D that she was pregnant with Denver and dripping milk from her breasts when she ran away from Sweet Home.

• Paul D begins to caress Sethe, but a ghost begins shaking the entire house. Paul D casts the ghost away.

Chapter 2

• Sethe and Paul D go upstairs to have sex. However, the sex is unsatisfying and they are both disappointed.

• Sethe's scars disgust Paul D. He thinks they are not like a tree because trees are inviting.
• Sethe is angry with Paul D for casting the ghost out of the house.

• Sethe and Paul D both think about their time at Sweet Home.

Chapter 3

• Denver sees a white dress with its arm around Sethe...

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