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Ruth White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Belle's husband think she was going when she left in the night?
(a) The shed.
(b) The hen house.
(c) The kitchen.
(d) The privy.

2. Who had Amos Leemaster dated until he saw Love?
(a) Angie.
(b) Dolores.
(c) Ruth.
(d) Belle.

3. Why did Woodrow move in with his grandparents?
(a) His father died.
(b) They lived closer to the school.
(c) His father was drinking a lot.
(d) His father was beating him.

4. What do Woodrow and the person in #80 talk about on the way to the movies?
(a) The World Series.
(b) Alfred Hitchcock movies.
(c) Elvis Presley's music.
(d) The high school football team.

5. Why has Porter taken to his bed after Gypsy's illness-induced outbreak at the theater?
(a) He was so frightened by Gypsy's delirium.
(b) He has a migraine headache.
(c) He has an early morning meeting tomorrow.
(d) He has influenza.

6. Who is Gypsy's mother?
(a) Hope.
(b) Love.
(c) Ava.
(d) Faith.

7. What is the name of the town's barbershop?
(a) Aker's Barbershop.
(b) Best Barbershop.
(c) Ben's Barbershop.
(d) Coal Station Barbershop.

8. Who is Belle's husband?
(a) Ralph.
(b) Roger.
(c) Duane.
(d) Everett.

9. How has Woodrow affected Gypsy's life?
(a) She feels kinder toward people.
(b) She is laughing more.
(c) She wishes he would just stay home.
(d) She is seeing things differently.

10. Who is Blind Benny?
(a) A comedian.
(b) A school teacher.
(c) A local drifter.
(d) The mayor.

11. What did Belle announce when she finally came out of her room dressed to kill?
(a) She was going to the Country Club dance.
(b) She was going to tour Europe.
(c) She was going to find a beau.
(d) She was going to find a job.

12. What does Gypsy accidentally call Woodrow's former home?
(a) A double-wide.
(b) A shed.
(c) A chicken coop.
(d) A shack.

13. Gypsy notices that Woodrow is particularly nice to ____________________.
(a) those who are different from others.
(b) the kids with money.
(c) the blonde girls.
(d) the teacher.

14. Who did Belle marry?
(a) Eugene Hocker.
(b) Everett Prater.
(c) Harold Ditmer.
(d) Edward Harmon.

15. Who is the school principal's wife?
(a) Mrs. Harrison.
(b) Mrs. Gerard.
(c) Mrs. Cooper.
(d) Mrs. Bernard.

Short Answer Questions

1. In class, Woodrow tells a story about a man named Floyd Collins who ________________________-.

2. Woodrow claims that he sometimes hears Belle's voice __________________.

3. What is Gypsy's dog's name?

4. When Belle left she was wearing only ___________________.

5. Who has taken Woodrow shopping in Chapter 3?

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