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Ruth White
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Three and Chapter Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Woodrow for his first haircut?
(a) Grandpa.
(b) Belle.
(c) Grandma.
(d) Gypsy.

2. In what town does Gypsy live?
(a) Coal Fields.
(b) Coal Harbor.
(c) Coal Holler.
(d) Coal Station.

3. What did Woodrow's father use to cut his hair when he still lived with him?
(a) A bowl.
(b) Garden shears.
(c) Pinking shears.
(d) A knife.

4. What does Gypsy give Woodrow on his first night at his grandparents' home?
(a) A kickball.
(b) A cherry jawbreaker.
(c) A pack of gum.
(d) A whistle.

5. Who is Porter's brother?
(a) Doc Dut.
(b) Doc Det.
(c) Doc Dat.
(d) Doc Dot.

Short Answer Questions

1. How can Woodrow best be characterized from the following?

2. What is the topic of conversation when Woodrow comes into the barbershop?

3. Who owns the barbershop?

4. How long after Belle left did Woodrow move in with his grandparents?

5. What is Gypsy Leemaster's middle name?

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