Objects & Places from Belle Prater's Boy

Ruth White
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Coal Station

This is a small town in Virginia where the story takes place.

Mountain Echo

This is the name of the local newspaper, of which Porter Dotson, Gypsy's stepfather, is editor.

One Thousand Beautiful Poems

This is the name of the book of poetry Belle received from her father on graduation, and the book she read several times immediately before she disappeared.

Crooked Ridge

This is the area in which Woodrow was raised near the Appalachian mountains.

Cold Valley, Kentucky

This is where Amos and Blind Benny were friends before coming to Coal Station.


These are small bugs that burrow under the skin, causing severe itching.

Dixie Pixie

This is the name Gypsy gives to the hairstyle the barber gives her, following her cutting of her own hair.

Akers' Barbershop

This is the hair dressing salon owned by Clint Akers, where Gypsy goes to have her...

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