Belle Prater's Boy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ruth White
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Chapter One through Chapter Two

• Twelve-year-old Gypsy Arbutus Leemaster explains the disappearance of her Aunt Belle, who left at dawn one morning and never returned.

• Belle's husband, Everett, looked for her but no leads were ever found and she took none of her clothing or shoes.

• Gypsy's mother, Love Ball Dotson, was distraught over the disappearance of her sister.

• After Belle had been gone for six months, Everett started drinking and his and Belle's son, Woodrow, was moved into town to live with his maternal grandparents, the Balls, who live next door to Gypsy, her mother and stepfather, Porter Dotson.

• Porter is the editor of the newspaper where they live in Coal Station, Virginia.

• Gypsy and her family live on a lucrative estate in town while most people are middle-class workers.
• Gypsy is a beautiful girl, just like her mother, and the family is known for its prosperity...

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