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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lord Delacour elect to remain in town while Lady Delacour retires to the country for her operation?

2. What does Belinda writer to her aunt about Mr. Hervey?

3. How old does Mr. Hervey discover Virginia is on the first birthday she celebrates after the two meet?

4. Why does Mr. Vincent believe Belinda can never love him as fully as he loves her?

5. When does Belinda read Mr. Hervey's letters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Belinda say she fears might happen if she gives in to Ann's request to become better acquainted with Mr. Vincent?

2. Very briefly describe the meeting between Helena and Lady Delacour when Helena returns home from school.

3. What does Belinda believe will be the outcome of Lady Delacour's spending time with the Percivals?

4. What is the significance of how Lord Delacour goes about dismissing Champfort?

5. Briefly describe Belinda's letter to Mr. Vincent after Mr. Percival tells her about Mr. Vincent's gambling losses.

6. How does Mr. Hervey meet Rachel?

7. What does Mrs. Feke believe she's seen in Lady Delacour's room and what is her reaction when she finds out it isn't true?

8. What does Mrs. Feke say she is a champion of and how does that compare with Mr. Percival's opinion?

9. What does Lord Delacour tell Mr. Hervey about his ability to judge the character of a person?

10. What does Mrs. Ormond say would make Virginia excited about learning to write and why does she say she won't use that as an incentive?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lady Delacour believes that she is dying. How does this belief impact her actions and emotions? How does she come to know that she is not dying and how does this change her attitude?

Essay Topic 2

What are the most important themes of the story? List examples of each theme within the story.

Essay Topic 3

Four of the main male characters in the book each play an important role in Belinda's life. These are Mr. Hervey, Mr. Vincent, Lord Delacour and Mr. Percival. List the ways the four affect Belinda, her choices and her actions.

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