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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the little girl named Lucy have in her hand when she encounters Belinda?
(a) A basket of eggs.
(b) A stool.
(c) A banjo.
(d) A doll.

2. What does Belinda's letter to Mr. Vincent indicate about her desire to be married?
(a) That she doesn't want to marry Mr. Vincent.
(b) That she plans to never marry.
(c) That she wants to marry Mr. Hervey.
(d) That she wants to marry him, even if he's lost a fortune.

3. What's wrong with Rachel's grandmother when Mr. Hervey returns for the second time?
(a) She has palsy.
(b) She has polio.
(c) She has broken her hip.
(d) She has measles.

4. Why does Lord Delacour elect to remain in town while Lady Delacour retires to the country for her operation?
(a) Because she's angry with him.
(b) Because he's angry with her.
(c) To lessen public curiosity over the situation.
(d) Because he's afraid to be with her at the time of her operation.

5. What does Belinda writer to her aunt about Mr. Hervey?
(a) That he's agreeable but she had believed him to be attached to another woman.
(b) That he has a series of mistresses and she knows he won't give them up.
(c) That he's rather homely and she isn't sure she could love him.
(d) That he's too rich and spoiled for her liking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Mr. Hervey tell Mr. Vincent that the gambling tables at Mrs. Luttridge's house are rigged?

2. What does Lady Delacour deduce by Belinda's lack of jealousy over Marriott's story?

3. What is the gift Mr. Vincent gives Juba?

4. What is Mr. Vincent about to do when Mr. Hervey gains entrance into Mr. Vincent's hotel room?

5. Why was Rachel never taught to write?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe Belinda's letter to Mr. Vincent after Mr. Percival tells her about Mr. Vincent's gambling losses.

2. What is known about the clergyman Dr. X recommends to Lady Delacour?

3. How does Marriott come to have the information about Mr. Hervey's relationship with a young woman?

4. What does Rachel's grandmother ask of Mr. Hervey from her deathbed and what is the conversation that follows?

5. What does Mrs. Feke say she is a champion of and how does that compare with Mr. Percival's opinion?

6. Why does Mr. Vincent plan to tell Belinda about his gambling losses and why does he hesitate?

7. What is the relationship between Belinda and Mr. Vincent at this point and why does Belinda feel this way?

8. How is Mrs. Feke injured and what is her reaction?

9. What is the news Lady Boucher brings when she comes to visit Lady Delacour and why does she say she's come to visit?

10. Very briefly describe the meeting between Helena and Lady Delacour when Helena returns home from school.

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