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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who promises the gift to the winner?
(a) Belinda.
(b) Lady Delacour.
(c) Mr. Hervey.
(d) Dr. X.

2. What does Mr. Hervey discover about the girl named Helena?
(a) That she is very interested in mythology.
(b) That she hates cherries.
(c) That she was named for Lady Delacour's mother.
(d) That she's Lady Delacour's daughter.

3. What does Mr. Hervery promise to buy for Lady Delacour?
(a) A pair of horses
(b) A summer house.
(c) A puppy.
(d) A bracelet .

4. What kind of pot is this plant growing in?
(a) China.
(b) Tiffany glass.
(c) Metal.
(d) Clay.

5. What does Mr. Hervey bring with him when he comes to visit Belinda after the count leaves?
(a) Helena.
(b) A canary from Helena.
(c) The goldfish from Helena.
(d) A necklace from Helena.

Short Answer Questions

1. What question does Lady Delacour ask when Sir Phillip says that Mr. Hervey has an emotional attachment elsewhere?

2. How much does Belinda spend on dresses?

3. What does Lady Delacour believe when she learns that Belinda is packing?

4. What does Mr. Hervey say was in his way that cost him the race against Sir Phillip?

5. Why does Lady Delacour ask Belinda to help with her pearls?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dr. X tell Belinda about Lady Delacour's disease?

2. What does Lady Delacour say about the man she'd loved and the reason for marrying Lord Delacour?

3. How do Belinda and Mr. Hervey convince Lady Delacour to see Helena?

4. What does Mrs. Stanhope say should be Belinda's first actions and what must she avoid, considering the rumors that are circulating?

5. What are the basics of the note Lady Delacour sends to Belinda the day after the ball?

6. What Mrs. Stanhope's peculiarity when it comes to writing letters about specific people, places and events?

7. What is Lady Delacour's reaction when Lord Delacour arrives with the livery, and what is his reaction to her statements?

8. What does Lady Delacour say about the ability to change the opinion of a man of genius as compared to a man of stupidity?

9. What are Belinda's thoughts upon her discovery of having spent three hours in the library alone on the night of the birth-night ball?

10. What does Belinda realize about people who seem happy, including Lady Delacour?

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