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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lady Delacour say she won't go to one of the best doctors in the area for her upcoming operation?
(a) She believes those doctors will cost too much.
(b) She believes any honorable doctor will tell Lord Delacour.
(c) She believes those doctors won't have the latest medical knowledge.
(d) She believes she's found someone with an herbal remedy.

2. How does Sir Phillip say he caught sight of the girl to whom Mr. Hervey is attached?
(a) Mr. Hervey brings her to town each month.
(b) By calling on her with Mr. Hervey.
(c) He saw her in a tavern.
(d) By stealth.

3. Who promises the gift to the winner?
(a) Belinda.
(b) Mr. Hervey.
(c) Lady Delacour.
(d) Dr. X.

4. What does Mr. Hervey say is to be his reward for delivering Belinda's bracelet?
(a) That he can put it on her arm.
(b) That she'll give him a kiss.
(c) That she'll give him money.
(d) That she'll honor him with a dance.

5. What does Lady Delacour believe when she learns that Belinda is packing?
(a) That Belinda is going to Mrs. Stanhope's
(b) That Belinda plans to run away with Mr. Hervey.
(c) That Belinda plans to leave with Helena.
(d) That it's a bluff..

6. Where does Mr. Hervey go with two other men when they leave Lady Delacour's house?
(a) To a brothel.
(b) To taste wine.
(c) To gamble.
(d) To a dance.

7. What does Helena ask to send to her mother?
(a) A canary.
(b) A blue macaw.
(c) A necklace.
(d) Goldfish.

8. What color are the liveries brought by Lord Delacour for Lady Delacour's inspection?
(a) Orange and white.
(b) Blue and white.
(c) Black and blue.
(d) Black and orange.

9. Why does Mr. Hervey invite Dr. X to accompany him the following morning?
(a) To give an opinion of Belinda.
(b) To share the expense of a coach.
(c) To give an opinion of Lady Delacour.
(d) To try the wares from a new winery.

10. Where does Belinda go immediately after Lady Delacour leaves for the birth-night ball?
(a) Her bedroom.
(b) To the balcony to watch others going to the event.
(c) Lady Delacour's dressing room.
(d) The library.

11. Why does Sir Phillip say he's not working harder to gain Belinda's affection?
(a) He says he knows Belinda is too independent to consider marriage .
(b) She's not really his type.
(c) He knows she loves Mr. Hervey.
(d) Wives are too expensive.

12. Where does Mrs. Stanhope say Belinda's bracelet was found?
(a) On the dressing room floor.
(b) Among things to be thrown away.
(c) In a jewelry box.
(d) On the sidewalk.

13. What almost immediately causes Mr. Hervey to make a mistake?
(a) The sight of Belinda brushing her hair.
(b) The sight of Belinda behind the Spainaird's chair.
(c) The sight of Belinda blowing Mr. Hervey a kiss.
(d) The sight of Belinda talking with Dr. X.

14. What kind of pot is this plant growing in?
(a) China.
(b) Tiffany glass.
(c) Metal.
(d) Clay.

15. Who wins the game between Mr. Hervey and the Spainaird?
(a) The Spainaird.
(b) The game doesn't end before the party breaks up.
(c) It's a draw.
(d) Mr. Hervey.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lady Delacour say Lawless died?

2. Who is the first person Lady Delacour and Belinda see when they enter the dance at Lady Singleton's house?

3. How much does Belinda spend on dresses?

4. What does Belinda discover Lady Delacour has done with money Belinda gave her?

5. When does Lady Delacour say it's too late for a lady to change her mind?

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