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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Belinda. Volume 1, Chapters 7 and 8: The Serpentine River and A Family Party.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lady Delacour say the lawyers managed to raise money once she and her husband were in distress?
(a) They got money charms from gypsies.
(b) She doesn't care how.
(c) They sold shares of Lord Delacour's company.
(d) They inherited money from a rich aunt.

2. What does Belinda say she will do with regard to Mr. Hervey's gift?
(a) Pay for it herself.
(b) Tell Lord Delacour that Lady Delacour asked for the gift.
(c) Ask Lord Delacour to repay Mr. Hervey.
(d) Tell him that Lady Delacour lied.

3. How much does Belinda spend on dresses?
(a) Fifty guineas.
(b) Fifteen pounds.
(c) Fifteen dollars.
(d) One hundred fifty guineas.

4. What does Lady Delacour say a man is lost to once he marries?
(a) Gallantry and love.
(b) Fashion and gallantry.
(c) Ballroom events and fun..
(d) Love and ballroom events.

5. What does Anne say when she's invited to a second glass of wine?
(a) She's already had her second.
(b) She never has more than one .
(c) She never drinks wine.
(d) She prefers brandy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the question the children ask the doctor about fish?

2. Where does Anne say she met Belinda?

3. What does Lady Delacour say caused the final break with her friend, Mrs. Freke?

4. What does Mr. Hervey say is to be his reward for delivering Belinda's bracelet?

5. What are Mr. Hervey's talents that distinguish him at Oxford?

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