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Early 19th Century London

The city where the majority of the story takes place.

London's High Society

The rich of the city.

Oakly Park

The country estate of the Percival family, situated near Harrowgate in the north of England.

Lady Delacour's house at Twickenham

The estate that employed the gardener whose life Lady Delacour inadvertently ruined.


A town in the north of England known for its water, which was a popular health treatment.

The West Indies

Occupied by the British, French, Spanish, Dutch and others, the plantations of this country were created, using slave labor.

A Woman's Reputation

Considered to be a statement of any proper young lady's upbringing, this can be fragile and easily besmirched.

A Man's Honour

This trait requires that men be polite and respectable, generous to others, sensible, prudent with money, and gallant to women.


The household of the king or other...

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