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Belinda. Volume 1, Chapters 1 and 2: Characters and Masks

• Belinda Portman arrives in London to spend the social season with a relative, Lady Delacour.

• Belinda meets Mr. Hervey who believes her to be a coquette.

• Belinda quickly realizes that she is not accustomed to the social situations and that Lady Delacour is a moody hostess.

Belinda. Volume 1, Chapters 3 and 4: Lady Delacour's History and The Same Continued

• Lady Delacour gives Belinda a history of her life, including the fact that she was once in love with a man named Lawless who was killed by Lord Delacour in a duel.

• Lady Delacour also reveals to Belinda that she takes a great deal of opium which is given to her by her maid, Marriott.

• Lady Delacour tells of her friendship with a woman named Harriet Freke who turns against her.

Belinda. Volume 1, Chapters 5 and 6: Birthday Dresses and Ways and Means

• Belinda realizes that...

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