Bel Canto: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Ann Patchett
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1. How does the novel begin and what mood is established?

As Roxane goes to kiss the accompanist, the lights in the theater go out. At first, members of the audience think it is a part of the show, but then realize that something awful has happened.

2. Why does Mr. Hosokawa decide to attend his own birthday party?

He only agreed to come because Roxane Cross would be present at the party. He is a huge fan of her music and career. He is not only a fan, he is in love with Roxane.

3. Why is it important for Mr. Hosokawa to be at the birthday party?

The South American country hosted the party for Mr. Hosokawa because they think he will be giving money to their country. He alluded that he might give a large amount of money and invest in the country.

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