Objects & Places from Bel Canto: A Novel

Ann Patchett
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This is an oppressive fog that hangs outside the house during the first part of the siege. It makes the hostages feel as if they are even more cut off from the world and is perhaps the reason why the terrorists and the hostages begin to form such intimate bonds with one another.

The Vice President's Home

This place becomes a kind of haven during the siege for the hostages and terrorists alike.

The China Closet

This is the secret room where Gen and Carmen meet at night so he can teach her how to write in Spanish and speak English.

The Garden outside the Vice President's home

When Gen and Carmen want privacy, she takes him here. The next day, thanks to Cesar's outburst, the rest of the hostages will also get their first chance to go here since the siege began.


Ishmael spends hours...

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