Bel Canto: A Novel Fun Activities

Ann Patchett
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1. With a group, write a skit that summarizes a chapter of the novel.

2. Edit your skit down with the group and then perform revisions.

3. Have auditions and assign roles to your skit.

4. Finally, act out your skit for the rest of the class.

Character Cards

There are many characters present throughout the book. To make sure your know all the characters, create character cards. On one side of an index card, write out a character description. On the opposite side of the card, write the character's name down.

Create your own Opera

Roxane Cross is a beautiful opera singer. Pretend that you know her and are writing an opera for her. Consider:

- What will your opera be about?

- What character will Roxane play?

South American food.

South American food is very tasty and exotic. Find your favorite South American recipe, prepare it and bring it...

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