Bel Canto: A Novel Character Descriptions

Ann Patchett
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Gen Watanabe

Thanks to his natural skill with languages and his ability to speak many different ones, this character is able to facilitate communication between all of the characters, including the Red Cross negotiator, Messner, with the terrorists.

Mr. Katsumi Hosokawa

This character is an important businessman from Japan who is also an avid fan of opera and the voice of Roxane Coss in particular. He is a hard worker who never takes a break.

Roxane Coss

This character is the leading soprano in the world. She has an exquisite voice and is a beautiful person. Nearly every man in the room either falls in love with her or is captivated by her in some way.


A simple girl, she is one of the terrorists who take over the Vice President's house. This character comes from the jungle, but despite her rough beginnings, she is a smart...

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