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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Chance sees the Old Man lying dead in his bedroom, why was the fat maid on the telephone?
(a) She was calling her mother.
(b) She had just called the doctor.
(c) She had just called Louise.
(d) She had called the Old Man's lawyer.

2. Where does Chance go after taking his leave of the lawyer and his assistant?
(a) To the kitchen to make a sandwich.
(b) To his room to watch a TV show.
(c) To the garden to work.
(d) He makes a telephone call to a lawyer.

3. Who is the main character in the book?
(a) EE Rand.
(b) Chance.
(c) The President of the United States.
(d) The Old Man.

4. What TV character does Chance choose to imitate when having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Rand?
(a) A man having dinner with his girlfriend and her father.
(b) A detective investigating a murder.
(c) An insurance salesman trying to make a sale.
(d) A young businessman dining with his boss and the boss's daughter.

5. When Chance saw a figure on the TV screen, what did he imagine he was looking at?
(a) The father he did not know.
(b) His dead mother.
(c) His own reflection.
(d) Someone he knew from his past.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Chance get his name?

2. Why did Chance think things would immediately change now that the Old Man was gone?

3. In what way does Chance think that plants are like people?

4. What does EE discover upon talking to Chance when he wakes up?

5. What are the last two things Chance looks at before leaving?

Short Essay Questions

1. By Chapter 3, the author has shown the reader what Chance's personality is like. How would a reader describe Chance's personality?

2. When Chance periodically takes time in the garden to sit on the grass and think in Chapter 1, what goes through his mind?

3. In Chapter 1, readers understand that Chance does exactly as he is told by the Old Man? Why is this?

4. Chapter 2 explains how Chance feels when he does not look at people. Explain this feeling.

5. Why is it that Chance does not appear in any of Mr. Franklin's records?

6. Readers discover how Chance got his name in Chapter 1. How did he get his name?

7. Do you think Chance acted appropriately in response to the Old Man's death in Chapter 1?

8. How did Chance know when it was time for him to leave the study?

9. Why does Chance pretend to be able to read the paper that the lawyer gives him to sign?

10. In Chapter 1, in what way does Chance feel safe and secure in the garden?

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