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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Russian Ambassador take a chance on doing during his speech to the International Congress of the Mercantile Association in Philadelphia?
(a) He makes a veiled threat to the United States President.
(b) He speaks of Chauncy Gardiner's love of Krylov's fables.
(c) He speaks about Chauncy Gardiner as an enlightened statesman.
(d) He encourages Chauncy Gardiner to run for President of the United States.

2. During his speech to the Financial Institute, what does the President say about his meeting with Mr. Rand?
(a) He spoke with Mr. Chauncy Gardiner on the benefits of inflation.
(b) He met Mr. Chauncy Gardiner and they spoke of how the dollar compares with the Euro.
(c) Mr. Rand is ill and near death.
(d) He met with Mr. Rand and a friend of his who was ill.

3. What are the President's thoughts about the government in relation to Gardiner?
(a) He is starting to think it is all a big joke.
(b) He thinks it's possible that the Federal Government is being undermined.
(c) He knows the answer to Gardiner's identity will be forthcoming soon.
(d) He is impressed with the power of the government.

4. At the UN reception, Chance meets the Soviet Ambassador. How does Chance impress him?
(a) He is amazed at Chance's good looks.
(b) He thinks Chance has impeccable manners for an American.
(c) He believes Chance has read Krylov's fables.
(d) He thinks Chance has been to Russia often and that he speaks Russian.

5. What favor does Mr. Rand ask of Chance when he sees him after the program?
(a) He asks Chance to escort EE to a United Nations reception.
(b) He asks Chance to marry EE after he dies.
(c) He asks Chance how he'd never heard of him before.
(d) He asks Chance if he was nervous during the interview.

6. When Chance tells EE that he has been with a sick man upstairs during the dinner party, what does she think about Chance?
(a) He wasted his time.
(b) He is an angel to always be helping people.
(c) He is lying.
(d) He annoyed her because he left her to help someone.

7. What does Chance say to Mrs. Aubrey when she tells him about all of the people who want interviews with him?
(a) He admits to her that he is not comfortable with them.
(b) He tells her he would rather watch television.
(c) He tells her to set all of them up for the next morning.
(d) He tells her he does not want to meet those people.

8. Whose place is Chance taking by being a guest on "This Evening"?
(a) The Vice President of the United States.
(b) The President of the United States.
(c) Mr. Benjamin Rand.
(d) Mrs. Benjamin Rand

9. Why does EE find herself falling in love with Chance?
(a) He is a wealthy man who can continue to support her.
(b) He is a pitiful character and she wants to take care of him.
(c) He is self-reliant, very confident and quite handsome.
(d) He speaks to her of love quite often.

10. When a man sitting across from Chance asks him what the government will do about industrial poisons, what is Chance's response?
(a) Poisons are bad for a garden.
(b) There is no other choice but to use poisons.
(c) Industry must thrive no matter what.
(d) He refuses to give an answer.

11. A woman at dinner sitting on Chance's left at dinner asks him about the war. What is his reply?
(a) War must lead to peace.
(b) He has seen many wars on TV.
(c) He has served in war.
(d) The war is practically over.

12. When Chance accepts an invitation to appear on a live TV show, what are his thoughts?
(a) He wonders how he will be changed as a result of being on the screen.
(b) He hopes he will find out how a TV show is produced.
(c) He wants to know if he could really become an actor.
(d) He wants to discover what the host of the show is like in real life.

13. Where does Chance's secretary tell Chance she has seen his photographs the next morning?
(a) On every street corner lamp post.
(b) On all of the TV news stations.
(c) In all of the newspapers.
(d) In frames hung on the walls of the living room.

14. What does Chance's supposed code name remind Skrapinov of?
(a) The glory of Marxism.
(b) Someone who has no intelligence.
(c) His many victories in World War II.
(d) His ruined career in espionage.

15. When Tom Courtney of the New York Times telephones Chance to interview him, what does Chance say?
(a) He answers all of Mr. Courtney's questions.
(b) He tells Mr. Courtney about the Old Man's house and how he was asked to leave.
(c) He tells Mr. Courtney that he prefers to speak about gardening and how important it is.
(d) He has no comment other than to say he enjoyed his meeting with the President.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the President of the United States requests a dossier on Chance, what is he given?

2. What has happened to one Soviet agent as a result of his background investigation of Mr. Gardiner?

3. When Chance tells the man that he wants to tell EE where they are going, what is the man's response?

4. A woman sitting next to Chance at dinner praises him for what reason?

5. What kind of feelings does Chance evoke in EE?

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