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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Chance tells the man that he wants to tell EE where they are going, what is the man's response?
(a) The man tells Chance that is impossible.
(b) The man is confused at first and then says they will tell her later.
(c) The man says he will run to go and get her.
(d) The man tell Chance she is better off not knowing.

2. Whose place is Chance taking by being a guest on "This Evening"?
(a) Mrs. Benjamin Rand
(b) Mr. Benjamin Rand.
(c) The Vice President of the United States.
(d) The President of the United States.

3. How much does Chance know about sex and childbirth?
(a) He understands that childbirth comes before sex.
(b) He knows everything.
(c) Everything that he has learned from the Old Man's magazines.
(d) Only what he has learned from a maintenance man and seen on television.

4. What reason does Mr. Rand give the President for not being able to address the Financial Institute?
(a) He tells him he does not have a speech prepared.
(b) He tells him it is the doctor's orders and he is in pain.
(c) He says he has to fly to Denver for a meeting.
(d) He does not give him an answer.

5. When Chance tells the man that he just wants to watch, what is the man's reaction?
(a) He is amazed.
(b) He is giddy with delight.
(c) He is horrified.
(d) He is repulsed.

6. When Ambassador Skrapinov can get no information on Chance's background from the Special Section, what is his reaction?
(a) He has the agent from the Special Section promoted.
(b) He is happy that there is no bad news to report on Chance.
(c) He accepts that Chance has no history and lets it go at that.
(d) He cannot believe that Chance has no history.

7. A woman at dinner sitting on Chance's left at dinner asks him about the war. What is his reply?
(a) He has served in war.
(b) War must lead to peace.
(c) The war is practically over.
(d) He has seen many wars on TV.

8. When a man sitting across from Chance asks him what the government will do about industrial poisons, what is Chance's response?
(a) He refuses to give an answer.
(b) Poisons are bad for a garden.
(c) There is no other choice but to use poisons.
(d) Industry must thrive no matter what.

9. Where does EE ask Chance to accompany her the day after the dinner party?
(a) The Soviet Union.
(b) The United Nations Dinner.
(c) The Capitol Hill Ball.
(d) Denver.

10. What does Chance say to Mrs. Aubrey when she tells him about all of the people who want interviews with him?
(a) He tells her he would rather watch television.
(b) He admits to her that he is not comfortable with them.
(c) He tells her to set all of them up for the next morning.
(d) He tells her he does not want to meet those people.

11. Never having appeared on television before, what does Chance do?
(a) He gets very nervous and stumbles over his words.
(b) He imitates what he has seen on TV many times before.
(c) He makes a fool of himself by saying ridiculous things.
(d) He continues talking during commercials, not realizing there is a break in the show.

12. Where has Chance seen the President before?
(a) On TV during a military parade.
(b) As he was walking down a street in New York.
(c) At news press conference.
(d) During a visit to the White House.

13. What does Chance speak about when the President asks him a question about Wall Street?
(a) He admits he knows nothing about it.
(b) He compares it to a television program.
(c) He talks about the Old Man's big house.
(d) He compares it to a garden.

14. Who else is spying on Gardiner?
(a) No one else.
(b) Two European nations.
(c) Russia and West Germany.
(d) Eight other foreign powers.

15. When a man with long gray hair first sits down to speak with Chance, what does Chance understand about what he is saying?
(a) He understands that the man is propositioning him.
(b) He knows the man is talking about politics.
(c) He does not understand what the man is talking about.
(d) He believes the man wants to have a laugh with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chance admit to reporters waiting to interview him as he and EE leave?

2. What does Grunmann tell the President about the Soviets?

3. Why does Chance tell Mrs. Aubrey that he does not need a doctor?

4. What does Sulkin of the Foreign Department show Skrapinov as a result of his investigation of Chauncey Gardiner?

5. When Chance tells EE that he has been with a sick man upstairs during the dinner party, what does she think about Chance?

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