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The Old Man's Residence

This place is very large and it is the opening setting for the book.

The Garden

This location is where the main character has always worked.

The Television

This object plays a huge part in Chance's life, no matter where he goes.

The Rands' Limousine

Chance's leg injury is caused by this object.

The Rand Residence

Chance ends up staying at this location for at least four days.

The Television Studio

This location is where Chance publicly discusses the speech the President made to the Financial Institute.

The United Nations Reception

EE's first outing with Chance as her escort occurs at this location.

Sophie's Dinner Party

EE and Chance go here after the United Nations reception.

The Hotel Suite

A group of several men with political power meet in this place to discuss potential candidates for public office.

Chance's Background

This question becomes a...

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