Behold the Dreamers Short Essay - Answer Key

Imbolo Mbue
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1. What is the opening scene of the novel?

The novel opens with Jende interviewing for a position as a chauffeur with the Edwards. He meets Mr. Edwards at Leman Brother's, where Mr. Edwards works. It is the first time that Jende has ever had to wear a suit to a job interview.

2. How does Mbue make it clear to the reader that Mr. Edwards is wealthy in Chapter One?

Mbue describes Mr. Edward's large office. The furniture is made from black leather, and there floor to ceiling glass windows. Mr. Edwards works for Leman Brother's which is a very well known, wealthy company.

3. How does Mbue show the novel's time period in the first few chapters of the novel?

Mbue makes references to relevant issues in the news during the time period. Jende notices a headline about Obama's presidency in the Wall Street Journal, and later when Jende is talking with Mr. Edwards, he comments that Obama being president makes immigrants hopeful.

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