Objects & Places from Behold the Dreamers

Imbolo Mbue
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This is the town in Cameroon that the Jongas come from. This town represents home for Jende, but also represents oppression for Neni.

New York City

This is described at the center of the world by the Jongas. They see it as a land of opportunity, but it also represents the lies, corruption, and hardships that the Jongas find in America too.


This is the college that Neni attends to become a Pharmacist. It represents motivation and fulfillment for her.


The Jongas live in this part of New York. It represents poverty.

Lehman Brothers

This is where Clark works at the start of the novel. The company represents the deception and corruption that can be found in America.


In Jende's dialect, he refers to his working papers as this. It symbolizes freedom and the fulfillment of the American dream that is just out of...

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