Behold the Dreamers Character Descriptions

Imbolo Mbue
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This character is head of the Jonga household. This character works as a chauffeur for a wealthy family.


This character is in school to be a Pharmacist.

Clark Edwards

This character is very wealthy and works for Lehman Brothers.

Cindy Edwards

This character appears to have a perfect life, but is actually very troubled. This character struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Vince Edwards

This character decides to quit law school and go to India on a spiritual journey, much to his parents chagrin.


This character is a lawyer who helps the central character with immigration issues.


This character is related to the main character and helped bring the main character to America.


This character is a secretary. This character gets fired when Lehman Brothers collapses.


This character is a minister. This character promises to help the Jongas stay in the country.


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