Behold the Dreamers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Imbolo Mbue
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Section 1 - Chapters 1 - 13

Chapter One

-The story begins with one of the main characters, Jende Jonga, going into a job interview.

-Jende is an immigrant from the town of Limbe in the African country of Cameroon.

-He has come to America for a better life for himself, his wife Neni, and their son Liomi.

-Jende and his family have settled in Harlem.

-The job Jende is applying for is as a chauffeur for a wealthy family, the Clarks.

-Edward Clark, the father of the Clark family, works for Lehman Brothers, and this is where Jende meets him for the interview.

-During the interview, it is clear that Mr. Clark is very concerned about what type of working papers Jende has.

-Jende tells Mr. Clark that he has an Employment Authorization Document that makes him legal to work in the USA while he waits for his green card...

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