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Seymour Reit
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Emma tell Aylesworth at the start of Chapter 14?
(a) She wanted to give her fortune to the south.
(b) She wanted a raise.
(c) She wanted to join the Confederate Army.
(d) She wanted to leave for the north.

2. What formed the border states with Kentucky?
(a) Maryland and North Carolina.
(b) North Carolina and Virgina.
(c) Virginia and Missouri.
(d) Missouri and Maryland.

3. What did Dr. Hodes do to Emma despite being glad to see her?
(a) He fired her.
(b) He scolded her for taking time away from her work.
(c) He took her pay away.
(d) He reassigned her to cleaning duty.

4. How long was Emma given to recover from her wound at the start of Chapter 12?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Five weeks.
(c) Three weeks.
(d) One week.

5. How did Emma disguise herself for her second mission behind enemy lines according to Chapter 9?
(a) As an old woman.
(b) As a Confederate soldier.
(c) As a merchant.
(d) As Cuff.

6. What was Emma asked to do by the Confederate soldiers?
(a) To stay with the group.
(b) To leave the area quickly.
(c) To ride behind.
(d) To act as a look out.

7. What made the battle more difficult than anticipated?
(a) The Confederates knew of the attack by a spy.
(b) The Union canons were undergoing maintenance.
(c) The rain.
(d) The Confederate forces were reinforced.

8. What did McKee ask Emma to do after she told him the soldier's story?
(a) To leave and never come back.
(b) To stay at his service.
(c) To point on a map where the body was.
(d) To bring a patrol to retrieve his body.

9. What was Emma doing when she saw the line of Union Soldiers?
(a) Trying to find her way through the wood.
(b) Taking a shortcut.
(c) Washing.
(d) Taking a nap.

10. Who shot at Emma as she approached the Union soldiers?
(a) Confederate soldiers.
(b) Angry Confederate civilians.
(c) A sniper.
(d) Union solders.

11. Why were the headquarters impressed with Emma?
(a) Her marksmanship.
(b) Her riding and spying skills.
(c) Her lying skills.
(d) Her makeup skills.

12. What was the condition of the soldier Emma found in the abandoned house?
(a) He was sick.
(b) He was dead.
(c) He was wounded.
(d) He was hiding.

13. What stopped Emma as she was nearing the Confederate Camp at the start of Chapter 10?
(a) A land slide.
(b) A river.
(c) A sentry.
(d) Gun fire.

14. Whom did Emma visit after being debriefed?
(a) Mrs. Butler.
(b) The Chaplain.
(c) Major Smith.
(d) General McClellan.

15. Whom did Emma first tell her story of the dying soldier?
(a) To General Ewell's aid.
(b) To the sentry.
(c) To a slave she was traveling with.
(d) To Major McKee.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Major McKee when Emma arrived at the camp?

2. What was Emma's mission in Kentucky?

3. What prompted Kentucky to choose a side in the war?

4. Where was Emma wounded?

5. How did Emma name the horse?

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