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Short Answer Questions

1. When Frank inquires, how does Lisa say she knows Volodya?

2. Frank is told the Defense Ministry is making him responsible for the burglar to Reid Press, Vladimir Semyonich Grigoriev, and what?

3. In Chapter 25, how does Fitzgerald describe the Reid dacha?

4. Frank replies how to the Defense Ministry saying he is pursuing steps to be able to sell Reid Press and perhaps leave Russia?

5. With Selwyn gone, Frank approaches Lisa's unlocked door up the rear stairs and does what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During the course of the conversation Frank has with Dolly over her writing a letter to her mother, what does the reader learn that she thinks of Nellie? How does Dolly view Nellie's decision to get married and have children? What sort of way is that for a ten-year-old child to think? Does it seem unusual for Dolly?

Essay Topic 2

When Selwyn describes to Frank his having come upon a woman who might be the individual to serve as the Reid governess, he relates having found her crying at work one day. What is the reason Lisa reportedly gives Selwyn for her tears? Why does Frank find this difficult to imagine taking place as Selwyn describes? What is Lisa's background that Selwyn provides Frank? Delineate the reason the reader believes causes Lisa to cry.

Essay Topic 3

What does Dolly ask of her father the day before Charlie arrives? What are Frank's reply and his reason given? What does it turn out is the true motivation for denying the children? What information does Frank obtain upon meeting Charlie?

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