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Short Answer Questions

1. Kuriatin offers to assume total control of Frank's children, which greatly impresses Bernov, but Frank advises what?

2. What is Frank's response to Lisa's reply upon being told to answer Ben's question about how it was easier for women than a decade ago?

3. When Frank asks Lisa what she is going to say to him as she departs with the children for the dacha, she responds how after a brief pause?

4. In Chapter 24, why is it the staff begins packing as though the children will be gone for months rather than a few days?

5. When Frank inquires, how does Lisa say she knows Volodya?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the primary objective Charlie seeks in coming to Moscow? In what ways does Charlie attempt to achieve this goal? Once he departs in his return to Norbury, how do Frank and his children feel?

Essay Topic 2

It is interesting to see what transpires during the meal Kuriatin has invited Frank to have with him at Rusalochka's tearoom. What are the two apparent motives Kuriatin has for taking Frank out? What effect does the brief appearance of Selwyn, and his spurning Kuriatin's invitation to join the pair, have upon Kuriatin? What is the outcome of this event and its significance?

Essay Topic 3

During the course of the conversation Frank has with Dolly over her writing a letter to her mother, what does the reader learn that she thinks of Nellie? How does Dolly view Nellie's decision to get married and have children? What sort of way is that for a ten-year-old child to think? Does it seem unusual for Dolly?

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