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Short Answer Questions

1. After collecting his children where he finds them, Frank takes them where?

2. When she met Frank, Nellie was soon to take a qualifying exam for what position?

3. What employment has Miss Kinsman been at when Frank meets her?

4. The choral society Frank and Nellie met at was performing what at the time?

5. Whom is Nellie living with when she meets Frank in Norbury?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some examples of Nellie Cooper's lack of enthusiasm for the things she does?

2. Why is it reasonable to describe the midnight scene in the woods surrounding the Reid dacha as the most mysterious in the novel?

3. What are some ways Penelope Fitzgerald shows Frank knows how to deal with Russians?

4. What sort of business transaction does Frank have with Kuriatin in Chapter 8 that now appears to be repeating itself in Chapter 12?

5. What is it Selwin seeks to tell Frank at Rusalochka's, but is hesitant to do so in front of Kuriatin?

6. When Frank tells Lisa he is sorry she never managed to study, what transpires next?

7. What sort of character is Mrs. Graham shown to be in Chapter 18?

8. What does Frank tell those he finds awake when he arrives home after the break-in?

9. What initially transpires when Charlie wires that he will be arriving in Moscow?

10. What is Frank's answer to Selwyn in Chapter 10 when he asks how his book, Birch Tree Thoughts, is going?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Until Chapter 19, the reader is not made aware of the amount of pleasure the warmth of his family's life brings to Frank. How does the author achieve this? How much satisfaction does physical contact provide to Frank? How is it brought out how attune Frank is?

Essay Topic 2

What does Dolly ask of her father the day before Charlie arrives? What are Frank's reply and his reason given? What does it turn out is the true motivation for denying the children? What information does Frank obtain upon meeting Charlie?

Essay Topic 3

How does Chapter 22 reflect the aggressive nature the Russian bureaucracy maintains in this era? Why is it Frank appears to accept its intrusion in his life with equanimity when facing the Security Police, but in Chapter 6 it reflects his concern about the changes transpiring between the government and those governed, and the projected outlook for foreigners like himself?

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