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Short Answer Questions

1. Frank's plant sits on which roadway?

2. Whom does Nellie take with her when she leaves home?

3. What is the name of Frank's company?

4. Bert informs Frank he recently hires an accountant who is also what?

5. Who does Bert tell Frank he has hired as his chief compositor?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mrs. Graham steer her conversation with Frank when he comes back to discuss Miss Kinsman?

2. What does Frank do once the police have left his business?

3. When Frank tells Lisa he is sorry she never managed to study, what transpires next?

4. At supper on the day Charlie returns to England, what is Lisa's response, when prodded by Frank, to Ben's inquiry regarding how it is better for women now than it was ten years ago?

5. Why does Frank not give his address to Miss Kinsman?

6. When Charlie arrives at the station, what is it Frank first inquires about?

7. Why is it reasonable to describe the midnight scene in the woods surrounding the Reid dacha as the most mysterious in the novel?

8. What happens regarding the wood Kuriatin is supposed to be delivering to repair the machine room floor at Reid Press?

9. What sort of character is Mrs. Graham shown to be in Chapter 18?

10. What does the reader learn of Frank's background in the opening chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the primary objective Charlie seeks in coming to Moscow? In what ways does Charlie attempt to achieve this goal? Once he departs in his return to Norbury, how do Frank and his children feel?

Essay Topic 2

Talking with Selwyn in Chapter 20, Charlie notes that Dolly is adept in the kitchen. Selwyn replies that if adult women and men live simply, doing tasks as the need arises, their children will soon seek to join in. Why does Charlie make the comment about Dolly initially? Following Selwyn's response, why is it Charlie then asks if he thought Nellie lived simply? Why does Selwyn offer no reply?

Essay Topic 3

What background regarding Nellie does the reader gain in Chapter 3? Where does Frank meet her? Describe her unique personality. How does she approach life? What are examples of this?

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