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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Frank inquires, how does Lisa say she knows Volodya?
(a) From the town of Valdimir.
(b) From classes at the university.
(c) From Rusalochka's tea room.
(d) From the department store.

2. Frank replies how to the Defense Ministry saying he is pursuing steps to be able to sell Reid Press and perhaps leave Russia?
(a) Contests no information and says he may visit Great Britain briefly.
(b) Contests no information and says he does not intend to leave presently.
(c) Says he has no plans to sell Reid Press, nor to leave Russia.
(d) Says he is unaware of anything they are talking about.

3. When Frank asks Lisa what she is going to say to him as she departs with the children for the dacha, she responds how after a brief pause?
(a) "Until next Saturday, Frank Reid."
(b) "Until next Saturday, Frank."
(c) "Until next Saturday, Mr. Reid."
(d) "Until next Saturday, Frank Albertovitch."

4. When is the only time Lisa speaks at dinner?
(a) In response to a question.
(b) To pay a compliment to the meal.
(c) In correcting the children.
(d) To ask a dish be passed.

5. The day before Charlie is to return to Great Britain, he joins Frank en route to work how far?
(a) The tram.
(b) Several blocks.
(c) The bus.
(d) The end of the home's front walkway.

Short Answer Questions

1. Frank replies how when Volodya asks that they forgive each other on Palm Sunday?

2. In Chapter 24, why is it the staff begins packing as though the children will be gone for months rather than a few days?

3. Frank's goal is seeing the break-in investigation does not what?

4. While speaking with Lisa about the note Volodya stuck to her in the library, Selwyn appears, and Frank tells him what?

5. Mrs. Graham disapproves of Lisa's presence in Frank's home and so many men impressed with her beauty, accusing all men of what?

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