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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank purchase Volodya as they walk away from the Defense Ministry?
(a) Palm leaves.
(b) Lilies.
(c) Pine cones.
(d) Pussy-willow branches.

2. When Frank says he thinks Volodya did not intend to kill him during the burglary, Volodya first replies how?
(a) He did, Frank was moving and he missed.
(b) He did not, he was shocked.
(c) He did, something was wrong with the pistol.
(d) He did not, he aimed away from Frank.

3. What message does Frank send Tvyordov the morning after the break-in at the shop?
(a) He has the morning off with pay.
(b) He has the day off with pay.
(c) He has the day off, but no pay.
(d) He has the morning off, but no pay.

4. At his home, Selwyn offers Dolly and Charlie a tea of sorts that he brews from nine herbs of healing, and that Dolly says are for what?
(a) Treating upset stomachs.
(b) Healing sore throats.
(c) Clearing nasal passages.
(d) Healing sick cows.

5. In Chapter 26, Frank feels he must await the children returning, or else they will be disappointed to miss what?
(a) Spring opening of the zoo.
(b) Spring blossuming at Alexander Garden.
(c) Spring boat sailing along the river.
(d) Spring cleaning of the house.

6. The night before Lisa accompanies the children to the dacha, she tells Frank that Volodya had stuck a note to her in the library reading what?
(a) "You're alive. I too am alive."
(b) "You're alive. I must be with you."
(c) "I am in love with you. You're alive."
(d) "I am in love with you. I need you."

7. When Frank inquires, how does Lisa say she knows Volodya?
(a) From the town of Valdimir.
(b) From Rusalochka's tea room.
(c) From the department store.
(d) From classes at the university.

8. Frank is used to human warmth, from his Russian work contacts and even his servants, but all Dolly gives him is what?
(a) A distant stare.
(b) A fearless glance.
(c) An emotionless, "me too," when he says he loves her.
(d) Cold replies to his offers of warmth.

9. In Chapter 25, how does Fitzgerald describe the Reid dacha?
(a) An elaborate home.
(b) Little more than a shack.
(c) A small brick house.
(d) A modest wooden cabin.

10. On Palm Sunday, Lisa takes the children where, with Frank saying he shall join them later?
(a) To worship services.
(b) To look at the flowers.
(c) Out to view the crowds.
(d) To feed the ducks at the lake.

11. In Chapter 24, why is it the staff begins packing as though the children will be gone for months rather than a few days?
(a) Because none of them are going along.
(b) They are uncertain what the weather will be like.
(c) Because they feel the children may be gone a couple weeks.
(d) They feel it is a pretext for the Reid family leaving Russia.

12. What are Dolly and Ben doing when Frank arrives home following the after hours incident at Reid Press?
(a) Studying.
(b) Reading.
(c) Practicing their instruments.
(d) Sleeping.

13. In Chapter 17, Nellie receives a wire from Charlie advising he will be arriving when in Moscow?
(a) January 31.
(b) May 31.
(c) March 31.
(d) August 31.

14. While Charlie is out with Bernov and Kuriatin in the latter's Wolseley car, Frank receives what at his office?
(a) A letter from Nellie.
(b) A telephone call from Nellie.
(c) A wire from Nellie.
(d) New official regulations.

15. When Tvyordov relates he is thinking of working in England just long enough so he can retire to his home village, Frank responds how?
(a) He can arrange his return easily, but Tvyordov's departure is uncertain.
(b) He can set up Tvyordov's departure and return, but it requires bribery.
(c) It is unlikely Tvyordov can leave Russia, much less return.
(d) He can likely arrange Tvyordov leaving Russia, but probably not his return.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before Frank goes to his dacha to collect Lisa and his children, why does he get a Defense Ministry notice releasing him of responsibility for Volodya?

2. When Frank meets them across the square on Palm Sunday, what do the children do?

3. The day before Charlie is to return to Great Britain, he joins Frank en route to work how far?

4. One day before Palm Sunday, Lisa surprises Frank by asking what?

5. During their walk, Charlie suggests to Frank he return where with his children?

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