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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frank reply as Lisa enters the room with the two men and says in Russian, she did not plan to stay knowing he wants to talk with Charlie?
(a) "Stay here, I'm in love with you," in English.
(b) "Stay here," in Russian.
(c) "Stay here, I'm in love with you," in Russian.
(d) "Stay here," in English.

2. Frank is used to human warmth, from his Russian work contacts and even his servants, but all Dolly gives him is what?
(a) A distant stare.
(b) An emotionless, "me too," when he says he loves her.
(c) A fearless glance.
(d) Cold replies to his offers of warmth.

3. Dolly offers that Uncle Charlie should be leaving soon as he had not brought her mother back, and what else?
(a) He cannot say when she will be back.
(b) He has not spent much time with the children.
(c) He is only interested in Lisa.
(d) He enjoys living there for free.

4. En route to the Trading Rows, Charlie says to Dolly he believes he spoke out of turn earlier as her dad what?
(a) Began to cry.
(b) Made a disparaging reply.
(c) Uttered a contemptuous reply.
(d) Looked quite put out.

5. What favorite expression of Nellie's arises in Chapter 17 that Frank does not like?
(a) "Have a severe headache."
(b) "Do not much care."
(c) "Not right in the head."
(d) "Get rid of."

6. Mrs. Graham disapproves of Lisa's presence in Frank's home and so many men impressed with her beauty, accusing all men of what?
(a) Being merely lechers in their souls.
(b) Lusting after her at heart.
(c) Being smitten schoolboys.
(d) Being serf-owners at heart.

7. Which of the children does Frank tell Dolly he plans take to meet Charlie?
(a) Only Ben.
(b) None of them.
(c) Only Dolly.
(d) All of them.

8. In response to Charlie indicating he may have spoken out of turn earlier with Frank, Dolly says what?
(a) After his shopping and some tea, she will tell him what she thinks.
(b) Not to worry, her dad did not likely object to anything he said.
(c) It was okay, as her dad knows he will be lonely in returning home.
(d) It was alright, her dad did not object to people expressing their views.

9. Bernov says giving everyone the money they deserve defines what?
(a) Impartial.
(b) Nonpartisan.
(c) Prosperity.
(d) Fairness.

10. Who informs the police of the break-in?
(a) Selwyn.
(b) The night watchman.
(c) Two printing apprentices.
(d) Tvyordov.

11. Following the after hours surprise at work, Frank finds Lisa at home doing what?
(a) Writing.
(b) Reading.
(c) Sewing.
(d) Playing the piano.

12. Following the concert, Selwyn instructs Charlie to stop to look at what?
(a) The stars.
(b) A cathedral.
(c) City fountains.
(d) An art museum.

13. What message does Frank send Tvyordov the morning after the break-in at the shop?
(a) He has the morning off, but no pay.
(b) He has the morning off with pay.
(c) He has the day off with pay.
(d) He has the day off, but no pay.

14. Why do the police question a copy of Birch Tree Thoughts is missing?
(a) They believe more would be missing.
(b) They have only the watchman saying he heard shots.
(c) They are familiar with Selwyn.
(d) They doubt someone would take his book.

15. The notice releasing Frank of responsibility for Volodya goes on to say there is no further objection to his leaving Russia, and what else?
(a) He is unable to take any Russian staff with him.
(b) He is unable to take any Russian citizens with him.
(c) He is urged to do so at his earliest opportunity.
(d) He must first sell his firm to the Defense Ministry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Following the service for the patron saint of printing, Frank finds Tvyordor doing what?

2. In Chapter 25, how does Fitzgerald describe the Reid dacha?

3. At tea at Selwyn's with Charlie, Dolly suddenly states, "Uncle Charlie wants to take us back with him to Norbury," and also adds what?

4. When Frank inquires, how does Lisa say she knows Volodya?

5. What does Frank purchase Volodya as they walk away from the Defense Ministry?

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