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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dolly offers that Uncle Charlie should be leaving soon as he had not brought her mother back, and what else?
(a) He enjoys living there for free.
(b) He cannot say when she will be back.
(c) He has not spent much time with the children.
(d) He is only interested in Lisa.

2. During their walk, Charlie suggests to Frank he return where with his children?
(a) England.
(b) Scotland.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Wales.

3. What does Frank tell the individual he finds in the shop to do?
(a) To lock up.
(b) To turn off the lights.
(c) To turn out the lights, lock up, leave the key with the watchman.
(d) Take the copy of Birch Tree Thoughts that he offers.

4. When Frank meets them across the square on Palm Sunday, what do the children do?
(a) Beg him to go with them to the dacha with Lisa.
(b) Beg him to let them go for pastry with Lisa.
(c) Beg him to let them go to the dacha with Lisa.
(d) Beg him to let them go for tea with Lisa.

5. Frank's goal is seeing the break-in investigation does not what?
(a) Frighten Tyvordov away.
(b) Avoiding future break-ins.
(c) Become a major security issue.
(d) Raise insurance costs.

6. Where does Kuriatin take Charlie outing in his Wolseley car, with Bernov as an interpreter, at the start of Chapter 19?
(a) The Chaplaincy.
(b) The Merchants' Church.
(c) The Merchant's Market.
(d) The Moscow Cathedral.

7. The notice releasing Frank of responsibility for Volodya goes on to say there is no further objection to his leaving Russia, and what else?
(a) He must first sell his firm to the Defense Ministry.
(b) He is unable to take any Russian staff with him.
(c) He is unable to take any Russian citizens with him.
(d) He is urged to do so at his earliest opportunity.

8. The Defense Ministry informs Frank of what?
(a) They could legally suspend all his exit permits.
(b) They could legally invalidate all his exit permits.
(c) They could withhold all his exit permits.
(d) They could invalidate all his exit permits.

9. Selwyn makes a philosophical comment to Frank in Chapter 26 about the two sides of man's nature, leading up to their discussing whom?
(a) Mrs. Graham.
(b) Nellie.
(c) Lisa.
(d) Dolly.

10. While Charlie is out with Bernov and Kuriatin in the latter's Wolseley car, Frank receives what at his office?
(a) A letter from Nellie.
(b) A telephone call from Nellie.
(c) New official regulations.
(d) A wire from Nellie.

11. In Chapter 24, why is it the staff begins packing as though the children will be gone for months rather than a few days?
(a) They are uncertain what the weather will be like.
(b) Because they feel the children may be gone a couple weeks.
(c) They feel it is a pretext for the Reid family leaving Russia.
(d) Because none of them are going along.

12. What does Tvyordor tell Frank he plans to do with his tools?
(a) Toss them in the river.
(b) Give them to No. 2 compositor.
(c) Sell them.
(d) Pass them on to his son.

13. Why does the train make a half-hour stop in Mozhaisk before it proceeds toward Berlin?
(a) Changing crews.
(b) Refuelling.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) Switching passengers, cargo.

14. Who is the patron saint of printing?
(a) St. Modestus.
(b) St. Markus.
(c) St. Moritz.
(d) St. Peter.

15. In Chapter 17, Nellie receives a wire from Charlie advising he will be arriving when in Moscow?
(a) May 31.
(b) March 31.
(c) January 31.
(d) August 31.

Short Answer Questions

1. The night she follows Lisa in the woods outside the dacha, why is Dolly limping?

2. When Frank pays Lisa, he also gives her internal passport so she can say what?

3. What does Frank do when he spots Lisa and the children across the square on Palm Sunday?

4. Following the service for the patron saint of printing, Frank finds Tvyordor doing what?

5. When Frank says he thinks Volodya did not intend to kill him during the burglary, Volodya first replies how?

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