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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else does Nellie admit to soon after meeting Frank?
(a) She does not like dancing very much.
(b) She does not like anything very much.
(c) She does not like singing very much.
(d) She does not like drinking very much.

2. Why does Frank transfer from Nottingham to Norbury?
(a) Better hours.
(b) Better wages.
(c) Better chances for promotion.
(d) More up-to-date machinery.

3. In Chapter 13, what does Selwyn have concern about?
(a) Lisa.
(b) The giant press.
(c) Frank's children.
(d) His book.

4. Which two individuals make a knowing comment to Frank about his hiring Lisa so soon after Nellie leaves?
(a) Tvyordov and Toma.
(b) Kuriatin and Cherkovsky.
(c) Kuriatin and Tvyordov.
(d) Kuriatin and Toma.

5. Whose reputation likely accounts for a portion of Reidka's success?
(a) The chief editor.
(b) The chief compositor.
(c) The primary consultant.
(d) The senior engineer.

6. How does Frank respond to Dolly saying she thinks he asks too much of Nellie?
(a) Perhaps, but not enough for her to leave.
(b) He does not agree.
(c) That is between Nellie and Frank.
(d) She may be right.

7. Frank calls whom immediately after reading Nellie's letter?
(a) The train station for the schedule.
(b) His chief accountant.
(c) His minister.
(d) His attorney.

8. Where is Miss Kinsman returning to when Frank meets her?
(a) England.
(b) Ireland.
(c) Scotland.
(d) Wales.

9. What is Frank doing when he receives the letter from Nellie in the opening chapter?
(a) Drinking tea.
(b) Leaving home for work.
(c) Busy at his work place.
(d) Walking home.

10. What property does Frank desire to sell?
(a) A lot next to Reid Press.
(b) A storage unit next to Reid Press.
(c) A small residence in Germany.
(d) The property where the gigantic press is located.

11. After reading Nellie's letter, what does Frank tell his staff?
(a) Nellie took the children to Bridgeport, he doesn't know when she will return.
(b) Nellie left for London with the children, it is unknown when she will return.
(c) Nellie left for Paris, he doesn't know when she will return.
(d) Nellie left with the children, he doesn't know when she will return.

12. When Frank says he does not know in response to Dolly's inquiry about her mother, how does Dolly reply?
(a) She does not know either.
(b) She expected as much.
(c) She knows, but will not tell him.
(d) She is surprised.

13. Although born and raised in Russia, Frank is viewed by everyone as what?
(a) Polish businessman.
(b) Russian businessman.
(c) English businessman.
(d) German businessman.

14. Frank initially takes on an apprenticeship where upon finishing his courses?
(a) At Croppers of Nottingham.
(b) At Croppers of Nottingham.
(c) At Culpeppers of Nottingham.
(d) At Coopers of Nottingham.

15. As Frank and the children await in the dining room on Lisa's first day, how does she arrive?
(a) Tired.
(b) In a new dress.
(c) Late.
(d) With her hair cut.

Short Answer Questions

1. What room does the bear begin to tear apart?

2. Whom does Nellie take with her when she leaves home?

3. How does Dolly respond to his comment?

4. Frank realizes it would have been better if Selwyn had been what?

5. Who pounds on the door of the location Frank finds his children at?

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